Some final words:

I hope you have enjoyed visiting this website, and using the interactive features for some context to the astro images. I am responsible (and to blame for any flaws) for the capture of my images. The image capture sites were either in my backyard or at various "dark sites" in CA or ID. Image processing was typically been done using PixInsight. During the capture and processing no animals or plants were directly harmed, although considerable grape-flavored beverages were consumed. You are free to use my images for any non-revenue and/or non-commercial use. It would be nice if you acknowledged their source. If you send me an e-mail request and description of your purpose, I will likely send you a full resolution image file of the desired image. If you wish to send me comments about my images or the website, or to further converse about astronomy, astro image capture, or astro image processing, please contact me via e-mail. I am likely to respond to questions and positive feedback; less so for negative.

Many thanks for the additional programming support and new features provided by Benjamin Banh.




San Jose, CA